----, 2075


Alel's--now my--day to day activities are actually much less engaging than I had projected them to be.   I’m now left wondering if life were not simpler for my grandparents.  However clichéd, it is hard in some ways not to want to go back to a time when fear of death was still a motivating factor and we had yet to enter into this post-biological age. Having reached a period of stasis organizationally and practically, if not technologically, there are few great unknowns in the future to imagine.  I had thought that having access to Alel’s biographical identity would enable me to realize a new sense of satisfaction combined with access to constantly replenished tangible sources of curiosity and excitement.  Instead, I find that his life is very much like mine, and possibly worse because it necessitates constant interaction with so many other people. 

----, 2075


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