April 22, 2075

I returned today from another humiliating attempt to locate a space greater than 420 square meters in which to live.  I had thought that the money from the sale of my parents' Designated Rural Region Area property would ensure that I had enough to at least put a down payment on a space twice the size of my current accommodations.  Although I do now have enough for a down payment (STM 5MM], I am unable to secure any financing for the purchase of the space since banks are no longer lending money to individuals (sic).  My ability to remain in a Region where I am, according to biological heritage, suited to live are once again thwarted by the reality of my biographical profile.  

Having done my best to craft a life worth living as my current person, I find now that these attempts have come to naught. As a result, I am now realizing that it is not finding a different job or place to live that will solve my problems.  Rather, I appear to have reached the limits of my personhood as defined by the biographical constraints imposed on it.  In order to transcend these, it is now necessary for me to jump into another realm or, as one usually says when referring to such matters, become someone else.

My readiness to give up what  some would rather naively call the "unique" characteristics of my identity stem from a long and profound reflection on the relationship between psychology and biology, as well as the specific socio-economic world order which has been put in place since the Forced Migration.

April 23, 2075


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