April 23, 2075

I have spent my life as an observer, possibly even a connoisseur of other peoples' lives.  I find in them something so intriguing and satisfying that I would be hard pressed to describe any other past time that gives me such satisfaction.  The kind or degree of desire that I am experiencing in terms of my biographical interest in other people is best compared to the sense one has that one has been born into the wrong gender.  Oh that my need to transform myself were simply an issue of altering something so insignificant!  Changing one's gender is, at this point, about as difficult as changing the color of one's hair.  I can only hope that the kind of transformation that I am seeking may, in the next 100 years, become as simple as altering one or two chromosomes.

Instead, I face the reality that social customs change at a rate much slower than technological capabilities.  How ridiculous that in the year 2075 one still speaks of family lineage and genealogy.  These concepts strike me as arcane and quaint to say the least and in actuality criminal given the level of systems management and biological innovation currently available.

April 27, 2075


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