April 27, 2075

Report on Alel Hamilton, Corporate Lawyer, annual earned income STM5.2 MM, annual investment income STM1.5 MM.  Property portfolio:  865,000 m2 (8% personal; 92% investment)  Water portfolio:  8.5 Hectares Annual non-genetically modified (GMO) food intake as a percentage of annual GMO food intake:  93%.

What makes Alel happy?  According to his online profile:  helicopter skiing, accomplishment, knowing the right answer, duck hunting.  How is it possible that Alel and I are as dissimilar as it appears we may be?  Based on all of the scientific research that I have read, genetics determines over 80% of behavior.  Or is it that based on my new environment I will likewise develop EXACTLY these interests!?!?!?  Are they already in me in some dormant state just waiting for the proper environment in which to fully realize and express themselves?  Despite our many differences, there are some similarities:  persistent nail biting, a fondness for caramel, and yet I am neither a runner nor an early riser.

April 28, 2075


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