April 30, 2075

Report on Raoul Fine, Data Systems Futurologist, annual earned income STM4.9 MM, annual investment income STM3.5 MM.  Property portfolio:  1.2MM m2 (4% personal; 96% investment)   Water portfolio: 10 hectares   Annual non-genetically modified (GMO) food intake as a percentage of annual GMO food intake:  97%.

I call Raoul our less fortunate brother since the expression of his phenotypical characteristics has varied the most in comparison with the rest of his code partners.  Whether this resulted from his delivery or gestation is not clear.  We all were children of the 60s and matured in a “unique” human womb.  Obviously, these divergences could be traced much more readily if I had access to his surrogate’s comprehensive biomedical reports. 

And yet I also trace some similarities despite the physiological differences:  an interest in the fine arts, vintage food-preparation practices, and non-virtual travel.  Raoul is much shorter than either Alel or “me”.  Could one say he is dwarf-like?  I suppose.  dwarf-ish is perhaps a fairer description, or having dwarf-like elements.  Or I could just call him small.  Though his significant inherited wealth makes him in many ways an ideal choice for identity theft, the obvious height differential between “myself” and Raoul makes an exchange with him impossible. 

May 2, 2075


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