May 5, 2075

Report on Benjamin Passine. Communications Deployment Specialist, annual earned income STM4.3 MM, annual investment income STM2.5 MM.  Property portfolio:  740,000 m2 (14% personal; 86% investment)  Water portfolio: 4 Hectares  Annual non-genetically modified (GMO) food intake as a percentage of annual GMO food intake:  90%.

While it seems quite clear that all of my code partners--with the exception of Raoul--would be considered handsome, there is definitely something about Benjamin that is ever so slightly distinct.  Though we look almost identical and though Alel too exudes a certain star-quality in his appearance, Ben (as his “family” calls him) possesses qualities much more sensual and overtly sexual than the rest of us.  While all of us are square jawed, broad shouldered, and are in that slightly militaristic cum boy tennis player physique range, Ben’s demeanor, or for lack of a better term, body language, seems to have added some intangible element to our shared physical attributes.  

I do observe that Ben presents an odd mixture of the pragmatic and the imaginative though I hesitate to use that last adjective to describe him even though, technically speaking, he does work in a “creative” field.  According to his H2Oh profile, he recommends giving up smoking by the age of 35, marrying by age 40, and having children before 47.  He has not specified whether these ages represent “20th century years” or “21st century years.” 

May 6, 2075


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