Plan C “Displacement Through Mental Instability” 
Although identical in their tactical approaches, Plans B and C differ based on motive and its corollary outcome.  For both, I launch a slow and steady campaign to duplicate the identity of my code partner until he either gives up and decides that he cannot take it anymore and thus seeks, with Plan B, an exit strategy of his choice, or, with Plan C, an exit strategy designed by me.  I use the words “exasperation” and “mental instability” as placeholders—monikers, really—for a range of actions that he might pursue, e.g., physical re-location to another city, to another country, to a rehab facility, or to some other institution that will provide him with the safety and security to comfortably think through recent events that have caused him to question who he is and whether he has a firm grasp on reality as he had heretofore conceived of it. One can only imagine how destabilizing it would be to realize that there is not only someone in the world who has your same name, but likewise shares your social security number, your shirt size, driver’s license, shoes, and appearance, not to mention all of those intangible things—educational affiliations, work history, opinions, memories, personality tics—that we all assume to be entirely unique.